Our tutorial DVD's are jam packed with detailed instructions and real life examples. Learn to use these tools like the pro's!

 Humminbird Training DVD's

Auto Chart Live Training DVD

( 47 minutes )
Build great looking maps on your Humminbird unit while on the water or from recordings you made in the past. See how to dial in the vegetation and bottom hardness functions to find the fish fast.

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Auto Chart Pro Training DVD

( 2 hours 3 minutes )
Step-by-step instructions on how to create accurate and detailed contour maps, as well as side image mosaics, both for use on your computer and on the water with your Humminbird unit.

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Google Earth Advanced Training

( 1 hour 47 minutes )
Learn how the pros use this tool to create and organize waypoints by using specific icons for structure and holding cover, and group their waypoints by lake. We show you how to use side image mosaics to locate underwater structure to build waypoings.

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Google Earth Conversion Utilities and more ...

Use Humminbird Icons in Google Earth. We show you how to use any of the 70 Humminbird waypoint icons in Google Earth.
Send Humminbird Waypoints to Google Earth. Humminbird PC allows you to export only a subset of the waypoint icons to Google Earth. Our conversion program converts all of them to Google Earth.
Retrieve Humminbird Waypoints from Google Earth. We not only convert the waypoints successfully, but we allow "groups" to be set up in Google Earth and these are also converted!
Automatic grouping of waypoints. This organizes your waypoints using GPS locations to create "Groups" for your Humminbird applications.