Google Earth Advanced 

Google Earth is a great tool to:

  • Create waypoints on lakes by using its historical imagery functionality. You can go back in time when water levels were low and mark waypoints for structure and holding cover.
  • Organize your waypoints by sectioning off lakes and/or areas of lakes.
  • Use side image overlays to identify structure and holding cover, then create waypoints.

Until now, there were two major problems with interfacing between Humminbird and Google Earth:

  • The waypoints are not compatible. Humminbird has 70 icons available in Auto Chart and Humminbird PC (thus available to your unit). Google Earth has it's own set of icons and they are totally different.
  • The conversion tools on the web to convert the Google Earth .kml files for Humminbird PC lose the icon. When these files are imported into Humminbird PC, they have the generic "waypoint" icon. Also, any grouping that was setup will be lost.

We wrote our own programs to do these conversions - from Humminbird to Google Earth and from Google Earth to Humminbird. This way, everything converts. You now have a complete solution for managing your waypoints in groups!

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Overview Video


The box on the left has the 70 icons available in AutoChart, Humminbird PC, and your unit.

The box on the right has the icon set available in Google Earth.

We created transfer programs to allow you to send your waypoints with the Humminbird icons to Google Earth, and retrieve them back from Google Earth.

We show you how to create waypoints in Google Earth using these Humminbird icons!

Humminbird Icons from AutoChart

Use our webpage get the icons that you can use in Google Earth to represent the Humminbird icons. The "add custom icon" function allows the adding of these icons.

Humminbird Icons shown in Google Earth

The 70 icons completely converted to Google Earth.

"Groups" Example for Navigation

Use "groups" to categorize your icons. In this example, only the waypoints used to mark navigation buoys and danger areas are included.

"Groups" Example for Rip-rap

Quickly find all of the "rip-rap" that you have marked. You can save these groups on your Humminbird unit and view the group and waypoints for your rip-rap areas.

Table of Contents

Chapter Title Length Description
Introduction 3:41
1 Begin With The End In Mind 6:00 We show you wat to expect with this training
2 Waypoint Fundamentals 7:07 Building waypoints in Google Earth
3 Get Organized 9:51 Great organizational tips
4 Reload Custom Icons 3:17 How to get Humminbird icons in Google Earth
5 Google Earth History 16:29 Find structure and holding cover underwater
6 Humminbird Groups 7:53 How to use the groups function in your Humminbird unit
7 Waypoints From Side Images 5:47 Build waypoints from side image mosaics
8 Export from Google Earth 8:10 Use our tool to convert Google Earth to Humminbird
9 Import From Your Unit 6:09 Use our tool to convert Humminbird to Google Earth
10 Automatically Group Your Waypoints 12:19 Our tool to segregate waypoints
11 Organizing Your Lakes 9:53 Organize your icons by lake
12 Best Practices 9:16 Our suggested best practices for using these tools