Humminbird PC

This is Humminbird's application that allows you to import and export waypoints, tracks, and routes between your Humminbird unit and your PC.

You can also do waypoint management much quicker than on your unit. For instance, you can change the name of the waypoint very easily or change the icon.

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Imported waypoints from a Humminbird unit.



Groups are a little used feature of your Humminbird unit, but they are very powerful. This is a great way of organizing your waypoints.

Like this example, you can setup a group for a cove in a lake.


This is a screen shot from a Humminbird unit showing the group and the cove with all of the waypoints.


Drill down on the group to see each individual waypoint.

Waypoints from Google Earth

Waypoints imported from Google Earth.

Table of Contents

Chapter Title Length Description
- Introduction 1:03 Look at the topics covered in the training.
1 Get data from your unit 3:00 Step-by-step instructions for extracting waypoints, routes, and tracks from your Humminbird unit and loading them into Humminbird PC.
2 Work with your data 5:46 This looks at the functions available in Humminbird PC for your waypoints.
3 Groups 4:04 We show you how to setup "groups" and how to use them.
4 Work with multiple files 2:49 We show you how to manage multiple files and/or lakes.
5 Routes 1:51 How to setup "routes" and how to use them.
6 Waypoints from Google Earth 5:17 How to import waypoints from Google Earth.
7 Tracks from Google Earth 5:12 How to import "tracks" from Google Earth.
8 Import from AutoChart 2:30 We show you how to bring in waypoints from Auto Chart.
9 Import from Humviewer 1:40 We cover importing waypoints and tracks from Humviewer.