Auto Chart Live Training

This is a great on-the-water application to build detailed contour, vegetation, and bottom hardness maps directly on your Humminbird unit.

We cover all of the functionality and give best practices to help you make the very best maps.

This training also shows much of the functionality in the AutoChart software for your PC.

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Auto Chart Pro Training

This is a great off-the-water application to build detailed contour maps and side image mosaic maps that you can study, use for waypoint creation, and finally load in your Humminbird unit.

This training will save you a lot of time and heartache because much of the functionality isn't very intuitive and there are some "quirks" you will encounter. Our training takes you step-by-step through building simple to complex maps. We look at all of the features and functions. The 3D renderings of the contour maps are really powerful. We show you how to build and use them.

Finally, we show you how to get organized and show the "best practices" for making recordings. Why waste gas and time on the water learning the hard way!

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Google Earth Advanced

Google Earth is a great tool to use with your Humminbird software. It is much easier to organize and set up waypoints and tracks here.

We wrote our own utility programs to convert Humminbird waypoint icons so that you can use all of them in Google Earth. This means that you can go to Google Earth, setup waypoints over their maps with the Humminbird icons, then transfer them to Humminbird PC or Auto Chart, and then to your unit!

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Humminbird PC Training DVD

This is a free application available from Humminbird's website. It is the best way to transfer waypoints, tracks, and routes to and from your Humminbird unit.

There are some basic functions for managing your data, and we go through these by showing examples. We also cover the best practices for creating "groups" for waypoints. Humminbird PC is the focal point between Auto Chart, Google Earth, and your Humminbird unit.

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HumViewer Training DVD

This is a free application to use with your recordings made on-the-water with your Humminbird unit. You can actually emulate the display functionality of your Humminbird unit off-the-water with HumViewer but you can do so much more! It is exceptionally good for editing your recordings to remove areas that aren't readable or aren't very good. A prime example is when you record an area and forget to stop the recording before you run down the lake. You can easily remove the offending data. Also, you can break up long recordings into shorter ones.

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