Utility Software

  • Use our conversion utilities when you go between Humminbird PC (or AutoChart) and Google Earth. Our programs let you use Humminbird's icon set with all of these applications. This functionality is unique to Lake Images.
  • Link to our icon list when you set up custom icons in Google Earth.
  • We built a program to automatically organize your waypoints by GPS location. It will create "groups" by finding waypoints within a specified distance from one another.
Humminbird icons Use these Humminbird icons with Google Earth.
GPX -> KML Convert .gpx files from Humminbird PC and Auto Chart to .kml files for Google Earth.
KML -> GPX Convert .kml files from Google Earth to .gpx files for Humminbird PC and Auto Chart.
Group Waypoints Automatically organize your waypoints using GPS locations to create "Groups".